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The Winnipeg Trails Association is a coalition of volunteer trail builders and trail users who are focused on accelerating trail development and connectivity in Winnipeg. Our association consists of over 40+ organizations and partners who are promoting the use and development of recreational and commuter trails for the benefit and enjoyment of all Manitobans and visitors to our province.

Individual trail builder groups consist of volunteers interested in developing trails and trail connectivity in their neighbourhoods. These volunteer organizations are ‘stewards’ or caretakers of Winnipeg trails and are able to leverage resources and support often not available to local governments. Trail groups are often holding tree plantings, clean ups, and celebration events on the trails.

If you are interested in helping to improve our trails in Winnipeg, contact one of our many trail groups listed below, the Winnipeg Trails Association coordinator or the City of Winnipeg Naturalists Branch.

Our partners and supporters are passionate about trails and the many benefits trails offer. We appreciative your support we all work together to accelerate trail development and connectivity in Winnipeg.

View Rivers West and the Winnipeg Trails Association 2014 Annual Report.