Come Spin The Ward!

What’s one of the best ways meet neighbours and to connect with every little nook and cranny in a neighbourhood? On a bike of course!

Launching as part of International Trails Day and Bike Week, throughout June and July, Winnipeg Trails and Bike Winnipeg are teaming up to host local councillors for a leisurely bike ride around their area. Come take a ride with staff, local constituents, board members and volunteers from both organizations on a random route.

Here’s how it works:
Find a time that works for a couple hours outside (who doesn’t want that?) A week before, we’ll pop by your office to spin the wheel twice and take a photo! The wheel is covered in famous local destinations not too far from each other. THEN… On the big day, we’ll go for a bike ride from point a to point b. We’ll take detours to take in cool spots, great snacks and anything the councillor. We’ll look at new projects, places where we need them.

There’ll be lots of time to chat along the way…

Bicycles/tandems are available for councillors who do not own one or don’t feel comfortable riding alone. Councillors, if we haven’t connect with you yet, please contact Leigh Anne at Winnipeg Trails to find a time that works with your schedule!

Learning from the Land Series – Spring: Return of the Floodwaters – Saturday April 27

Learning from the Land, in the City is a new series of four seasonal walking tours organized by Urban Ecology Winnipeg. It explores the connection between people, places and Winnipeg’s urban ecosystems.

Following the cycle of the four seasons, Learning from the Land, in the City will organize four urban field walks in Winnipeg, bringing together guest speakers from the worlds of design, ecology, and community development to share knowledge in the field about the local urban environment and our place within it.

● Spring: Return of the Floodwaters – Saturday, April 27 / 10am – 12pm

Next up
● Summer: Urban Forests and Habitats – June 2019 / Date and Time TBD
● Fall: Food Webs and Food Security – September 2019 / Date and Time TBD
● Winter: Energy and the Cosmic Whole – January 2020 / Date and Time TBD

The purpose of this project is to start a conversation about the links between the environment and community health, to promote public literacy about cities as part of larger ecosystems, and the implications that holistic thinking has on the way we plan, design and build communities. We know that the health of people and the land are intimately connected, but what does this look like in an urban setting? How does
urbanization and colonization change ecosystems and impact communities? How can we design cities to work in harmony with natural systems and be more socially and ecologically resilient?

On Saturday, April 27, the first walk in this series will explore WATER systems in Winnipeg, corresponding to the spring thaw and return of the floodwaters. Gathering on the flooded banks of the Red River along Waterfront Drive, this walk will bring together local leaders to talk about:
● The traditional cultural and spiritual significance of water for Indigenous peoples
● The geological history of the Red River and Assiniboine watersheds
● The annual cycle of flooding and its importance for the health of ecosystems
● Colonization and the ways that urban development has changed the rivers
● Winnipeg’s aqueduct and its devastating impacts on the Shoal Lake 40 community
● The downstream impacts of storm-water runoff and sewage spills into the Red River
● Green infrastructure solutions that can help cities manage water in more resilient ways

The walk is open to the public and free to attend, but space is limited. Tickets must be reserved by visiting their website.

Organizers are excited to announce an exceptional line-up of speakers as part of this walk from a diverse range of groups including the International Institute for SustainableDevelopment, the University of Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg, and more. A complete listing of speakers can be found on their website along with more information about this project.

Learning from the Land, in the City is independently organized by Matt Carreau (HTFC Planning + Design) and Marika Olynyk (Nature Conservancy of Canada, Manitoba Region). This project is supported by the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources, HTFC Planning + Design, Green Action Centre and other sponsors to be announced soon.

Winnipeg Trails is brining tea and snacks!
Look for the red umbrella! 🙂

Share The Chair: Try a Wheelchair at Portage and Main


Oct 9 2018

Contact:  Anders Swanson or Allen Mankewich
Telephone: 204-797-1962 or 204-792-7510

Who: Winnipeg Trails Association, with Anders Swanson and Allen Mankewich

What: A public shared wheelchair will be launched. The public is invited to see how long it takes, see how it feels to cross Portage and Main using a mobility aid and the share their experience on social media.

Where: 201 Portage Plaza – Portage and Main

When: Wednesday October
10:00 am – Brief speeches and interview
10:15 am – photo/video first try for the public

Why: Voters in the upcoming civic election may not realize that they will be making important decisions about fundamental transportation principles in Winnipeg. Universal and accessible design is important to all of us. We are inviting members of the public to start the clock and try navigating Portage and Main. This one-of-a-kind challenge asks the public \see first-hand that not all intersections are created equal. A normal crossing at street level can take less than 20 seconds. Try the chair. See how it compares. The wheelchair will be available for the public to try until October 24th.

About: Winnipeg Trails is an education, advocacy and research organization that focuses on connecting urban trails, placemaking, walkable, bikeable cities and universal design.

August 16th – “Along the Creek” Collaborative Art Project Launch Along the Bunn’s Creek Trail

Sharing a message from Winnipeg Arts Council, City of Winnipeg and our friends in the northeast and the stewards of the Bunn’s Creek Trail:

Join us tomorrow between 6-9 to kick off this  really neat art project that some of the youth from Knowles helped create with the help of Becky Thiessen and the Winnipeg Arts Council as well as the City of Winnipeg.

The exhibit will be displayed between Aug 16th and 29th with the final project being displayed along Bunn’s Creek Trail in September.

Hope to see you!


Traditional Trails

Traditional Trails Manitoba Métis Ride Sunday August 12. 

Join Adrian Alphonso and Jenna Vandal for a fascinating and invigorating trip through the history of this place we call home.

Starts at 1pm. Admission is free. Recommended for Ages 12+ only (due to pace of ride & subject matter. Route is suitable for any bicycle.

Want to borrow a bike? Use this form to fill our your details. 

RSVP on Facebook is appreciated. 

See the CBC story.

Watch the video and video.

Help promote the event.
Download a Hi Res version of the poster!


Take a Walk on the Wild Side

A series of group guided walks exploring hidden places and beautiful instances of nature in our backyard. Come connect with the plants, animals, mushrooms and lichen that share our city.  Join us!

Starts on International Trails Day June 2nd and continues through the summer.

Come learn more, meet new people and practice for a big “BioWalk” (species count) being planned for a truly special International Trails Day in June of 2019.

We are lucky to welcome  experts and keen enthusiasts about urban issues, botany, ecology and more as your guides. But you do not need to be an expert or know much to participate. Come ask questions, interact and get involved.

All events and updates are posted to Facebook. Check in there or get at us on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #WalkOnTheWildSide. All walk should go ahead regardless of weather so dress appropriately. Snacks and drinks provided. All events are FREE.

Big thanks to support from the City of Winnipeg.

Rivers East Trail Committee Members Needed

Contribute to the Vibrancy of Your Community
Trail Committee Members and Chair Needed

The River East Neighbourhood Network – Trail Committee
(RENN-TC) is a sub-committee of the River East Neighbourhood
Network (RENN), a non-profit legally incorporated entity composed of
area residents, schools, and social service providers.

River East Trails and Active Transportation Corridors
 Northeast Pioneers Greenway
 Chief Peguis Greenway
 Bunns Creek
 Kildonan Parkway
 Roch Bike Boulevard

RENN-TC is recognized as the community stakeholder of the trail
network in River East.
RENN-TC’s Mission is:
 To create a healthy, vibrant community, encouraging people of
all abilities to participate in regular physical activity;
 To create a safer community by promoting Active
Transportation (AT) throughout the neighbourhood and beyond.

Interested in volunteering?
Contact: Sigrun

Lifestyle Research Program is Recruiting


The Manitoba Personalized Lifestyle Research (TMPLR) Program is looking to recruit 800
Manitobans for a study looking at how genetics, lifestyle and microbiota interact to
influence the development of chronic diseases.

For more information and contact details, please see below.

TMPLR - mobile research unit
TMPLR Mobile Research Unit

Anyone who is between 30-46 years of age and has lived in Manitoba for at least 5 years.

Participants come for 2 assessments (2 hours each on 2 consecutive days) at the
Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals at the University of Manitoba,
or to TMPLR’s mobile research unit. Remuneration is provided.
Assessments include:
• blood pressure
• body scan to measure lean mass, fat mass and bone density
• blood and urine samples for biomarker analysis
• stool sample for gut microbiome analysis
• DNA sample for genetic analysis
• physical activity test on an exercise bike
• activity monitor for one week to assess day-to-day physical activity & sleep
• questionnaires about current lifestyle and childhood experiences

The research team will provide participants with their information from the measurements
performed such as the body scan, blood pressure and strength test. Participants will also
be remunerated for their participation in the trial. Finally, we hope the information from
this study will benefit Manitobans in prevention of obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic
syndrome, cardiovascular disease and kidney diseases.

TMPLRtrial [AT] • t: 204 480.1042 / 204 298.5483
or visit //