Botany Walk

A guided walk with botanist Charles Burchill will increase your knowledge on plant identification, edibility, traditional uses, conservation, and “whatever comes to mind” about the plants we find along the South Trail.

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Bike to Work Day on Provencher – Come Visit the Winnipeg Trails Pit Stop at Café Postal

We are very excited to invite you to stop by the Winnipeg Trails Pit Stop at Café Postal on Provencher on Friday June 19th – Bike to Work Day.
Come for some of the best coffee in town, come for the free portraits, come to meet fabulous people.

We are probably the only pit stop with vouchers from Chocolatier Constance Popp! Yum.
So even if your commute is from Charleswood to the airport, and you make a little detour, we won’t turn you away.

We also have a car! Yup. Let’s say you wanted to save yourself an average of $17,000 a year by getting rid of that car (or your other one). Let’s say you love to ride a bike, but you need a car sometimes. Well, if you haven’t heard about Peg City Car Co-op, you are in for a treat. They will have a car nearby that you can check out. You can have your cake and eat it too.

Also come check out our new Winnipeg Trails new t-shirts,get a sneak peak at one of the great prizes for our new app!
Speaking of our new app, for Friday only, there will be 5 hidden gems available at this location…so for any of our iOS beta testers, you might want to stop by to get a leg up on the competition.

This is also a chance to come chat with our coordinator about Winnipeg Trails’ big plans for 2015, talk to Stéphane from Bike Winnipeg about their proposals for a protected bike lane on Provencher, and share YOUR ideas!

But mostly, today we celebrate cycling!

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Celebrate International Trails Day this Saturday June 6th: Announcing the Winnipeg Trails App


Friday June 5th, 2015

Celebrate International Trails Day this Saturday June 6th:

Announcing the Winnipeg Trails App


Every year Winnipeg Trails celebrates Winnipeg’s growing walking and cycling network with activities around the city on International Trails Day. This year we are doing that AND getting ready for something super cool to help us celebrate, play and explore year-round.


Imagine what would happen if Atari and an easter egg hunt had a baby. Well, that’s our new app. Part video game, part scavenger hunt, 100% adventure, Winnipeg Trails promises to get you outside, addicted to collecting digital gems, hooked on exploring weird and wonderful parts of our city and earning a chance to win some really great prizes. You can do it on foot, on a bike, on a skateboard, in a wheelchair or anything else that fits on a trail.



“Many Winnipeggers probably spend too much time on their phones anyway and they love their trails. Why not combine both? Our app – and the sweet prizes you can win – are just more reasons to visit some really cool parts of the city.” says Anders Swanson, Winnipeg Trails Association Coordinator.


Starting Saturday, volunteers will begin hiding secret codes, and making up tough digital riddles based on landmarks, trailheads, public art and other neat places all over the city. Visit a spot, answer those questions correctly, and YOU can earn gems.


Collect as many gems as possible to win. Strive to win one of 3 custom longboards from local producer Scam Skate, some fabulous T-shirts and a ton of weekly prizes. We’ll also be having special challenges during special events year round, and have a top secret Grand Prize to give away one year from now on International Trails Day in 2016.


Look for the app soon in the Android and Apple Stores. If you would like to volunteer to hide gems, contact us today.


Now go outside and play.




Media contact:

Sylvie Fouasse

Rivers West



[email protected]


Anders Swanson,

Coordinator, Winnipeg Trails

[email protected]

(temporarily in France until June10th +33 7 55 29 79 51)


Twitter: @wpgtrailsapp


Members of the media can contact us for an advanced look at the app itself.


Supported by the City of Winnipeg, and designed by the same award-winning team that created the Winnipeg-made crowdsourced traffic counting app, CounterPoint.

Weed Eradication Event

Invasive weeds such as thistle and burdock are overtaking parts of the Seine River Greenway. Join us on Saturday, May 30 at 10 a.m. when we will tackle several of the weedy “hotspots” along the South Trail. As the saying goes . . . many hands make light work. This event is a great way to show that you care about the natural parks along the river. Hope to see you there!

Save Our Seine

Weed Eradication Event

Spring Migration Birding Walk

Join Save our Seine and Nature Manitoba in an early morning birding walk with Dr. Christian Artuso on Saturday, May 23 at 8 a.m. Enjoy the spring migration along the Seine River with one of Manitoba’s foremost ornithologists.

Spring Migration

International Trails Day – Calling out to all trail groups!

International Trails Day is an annual celebration of trails to promote trail development, the use of trails and the healthy lifestyle they encourage. This year, ITD will take place of June 6, 2015. Rivers West will be assisting trail groups to plan and organize a special events on Trails Day through promotion and financial support.

If your trail group is planning on organizing an event this year, please provide us with a brief outline of your proposed activities and monetary request and submit it to [email protected]