Come Spin The Ward!

What’s one of the best ways meet neighbours and to connect with every little nook and cranny in a neighbourhood? On a bike of course!

Launching as part of International Trails Day and Bike Week, throughout June and July, Winnipeg Trails and Bike Winnipeg are teaming up to host local councillors for a leisurely bike ride around their area. Come take a ride with staff, local constituents, board members and volunteers from both organizations on a random route.

Here’s how it works:
Find a time that works for a couple hours outside (who doesn’t want that?) A week before, we’ll pop by your office to spin the wheel twice and take a photo! The wheel is covered in famous local destinations not too far from each other. THEN… On the big day, we’ll go for a bike ride from point a to point b. We’ll take detours to take in cool spots, great snacks and anything the councillor. We’ll look at new projects, places where we need them.

There’ll be lots of time to chat along the way…

Bicycles/tandems are available for councillors who do not own one or don’t feel comfortable riding alone. Councillors, if we haven’t connect with you yet, please contact Leigh Anne at Winnipeg Trails to find a time that works with your schedule!

WTA is hiring two Communications Specialists – Cree and Ojibwe (Anishinaabemowin)

two positions available.
$17/hour 30 hours/week for 8 weeks
flexible hours. ability to work partially from home

Apply as soon as possible to [email protected] with subject line: Cree Communications Specialist or Ojibwe Communications Specialist


Each Communications Specialist will provide assistance in the development of online and print materials for Winnipeg Trails. They will be responsible for attending bi-weekly team meetings and be capable of working as a team and independently.

The successful applicants will be part of a two-person translation team working on a rewarding project that requires constant communication and collaborative goal setting. They will be immersed in productivity and web-publishing software that includes, but is not limited to WordPress, Google Docs, Slack, Trello. They will receive training in the use of WPML language translation and Localize.

Time management will be a necessary skill to have or develop.

Required Tasks:

Writing, proofreading and translation of online research and web content management.

Mentoring in online communications and translation workflow will be provided by both Winnipeg Trails’ web developer and the executive director. Mentoring in communications in Cree and Ojibwe will be provided by a representative from an Indigenous languages agency working with Winnipeg Trails who will be contracted in summer 2019.

Additional Tasks: From time to time, the successful applicants may be asked to become involved in: Field work, Data collection, Public events, Strategic planning

Any one or combination of the following intellectual or academic pursuits are considered beneficial in a candidate for this position:
Traditional Knowledge Communications Land-based learning Marketing Linguistics History

Note that an academic background is not a precursor to a meaningful and successful career, particular in the case of an Indigenous Languages specialist.

We value an inclusive workplace. We hire based on demonstrated skill, passion and efficiency. We do our utmost within our capacity to ensure that qualified applicants apply that are reflective of the larger community we live in and choose the best candidates from within the pool. We consider it our responsibility to enlarge the pool of applicants and create an environment where people do so. We do not discriminate based on age, ability, religion, culture, language, sex, ethnicity or sexual orientation. When making hiring decisions, we value commitment to our principles and willingness to learn and grow over education and work history. We pay a living wage and seek to contribute to the fulfillment of all staff and volunteers involved with Winnipeg Trails.

Share The Chair: Try a Wheelchair at Portage and Main


Oct 9 2018

Contact:  Anders Swanson or Allen Mankewich
Telephone: 204-797-1962 or 204-792-7510
E-mail: [email protected]

Who: Winnipeg Trails Association, with Anders Swanson and Allen Mankewich

What: A public shared wheelchair will be launched. The public is invited to see how long it takes, see how it feels to cross Portage and Main using a mobility aid and the share their experience on social media.

Where: 201 Portage Plaza – Portage and Main

When: Wednesday October
10:00 am – Brief speeches and interview
10:15 am – photo/video first try for the public

Why: Voters in the upcoming civic election may not realize that they will be making important decisions about fundamental transportation principles in Winnipeg. Universal and accessible design is important to all of us. We are inviting members of the public to start the clock and try navigating Portage and Main. This one-of-a-kind challenge asks the public \see first-hand that not all intersections are created equal. A normal crossing at street level can take less than 20 seconds. Try the chair. See how it compares. The wheelchair will be available for the public to try until October 24th.

About: Winnipeg Trails is an education, advocacy and research organization that focuses on connecting urban trails, placemaking, walkable, bikeable cities and universal design.

Annual General Meeting, 2018

The Winnipeg Trails Association is pleased to announce the 2018 Annual General Meeting will be held on September 27th at The Forks Market starting at 6:30 pm. Look for the “private” function in the south aisle of the main market building.

Before the AGM (optional):
We will meet at the Forks Canopy at 3:30pm to conduct a Community Trail Count: anyone with a smart phone can participate from any place they choose. (If you already know how CounterPoint app works, or just want to count somewhere near you, feel free to join from anywhere in Winnipeg!)

The meeting part of the evening will run from 6:30- 7:00 and be followed by a Mix & Mingle. After the meeting we will be walk/biking to a special location for refreshments and a film screening!

AGM Date: September 27th 2018
Trail Count: 3:00-5:30pm
AGM Time: 6:30 – 7:00 pm
Mix-and-Mingle: 7:00-7:30pm
Secret location pop-up film screening: til late

RSVP by Sept 21st by emailing [email protected].

If you are would like to volunteer for the Community Trail Count, or would simply like more details, click here!

And of course, if would like to get involved with Winnipeg Trails – as a volunteer, supporter or board member, get in touch and ask us how! 






August 16th – “Along the Creek” Collaborative Art Project Launch Along the Bunn’s Creek Trail

Sharing a message from Winnipeg Arts Council, City of Winnipeg and our friends in the northeast and the stewards of the Bunn’s Creek Trail:

Join us tomorrow between 6-9 to kick off this  really neat art project that some of the youth from Knowles helped create with the help of Becky Thiessen and the Winnipeg Arts Council as well as the City of Winnipeg.

The exhibit will be displayed between Aug 16th and 29th with the final project being displayed along Bunn’s Creek Trail in September.

Hope to see you!


We Are Hiring! Summer 2018

Work with Winnipeg Trails!
We are currently hiring summer students.
**Not a student? Despair not. Apply anyway! See bottom**

We are looking for 5 high school, college or university students planning to return in the fall who want to work from the best “office” in Winnipeg… our growing network of trails and protected bike lanes!

Are you interested in a modern city? Do you like learning more about how cities plan for cycling and walking and accessibility and doing something about it?

Do you have a passion for the future of Winnipeg and its people?

Do you like nature, urban landscapes or spending time outdoors?

Do you like citizen science, city planning or helping people?

Are you social media savvy?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you might be a great fit.

Keep reading.

All applicants must be:

(a) between 15 and 30 years of age (inclusive) at the start of employment;

(b) registered as a full-time student during the preceding academic year;

(c) intending to return to school on a full-time basis during the next academic year;

(d) a student in a secondary, post-secondary, CEGEP (Quebec only), vocational or technical program;

(e) a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident, or person on whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act* and;

(f) legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial / territorial legislation and regulations

We are hiring three (3) Trails Analysts, one (1) Junior Analyst, and one (1) Project Coordinator to work with us over the summer.

Some of the work will include use of mobile applications to communicate. All applicants should have access to a working smartphone, ideally both platforms or iOS only. Extra battery packs are handy.

All applicants should be familiar with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, the CounterPoint app for counting traffic, and our own Winnipeg Trails app.

Timeline: Short term positions representing 8 weeks @ 30hrs/week between now and September 2018. Exact work hours and vacation time are flexible and negotiable, depending on start date and needs of project.

Workplace: Work will be carried out on site on trails throughout Winnipeg, and/or at home and/or at our headquarters in South Point Douglas.

How To Apply:

  1. Review the Job Descriptions below.
  2. Write a short email indicating which position you are applying for and describing why you think you would be a good fit for the position to [email protected] with the subject line “Summer 2018 Job Application”, and attach a brief resume.
  3. Apply as soon as possible.


Trails Analyst Job Description

Winnipeg Trails is seeking trails analysts to help us better understand, communicate and disseminate the findings of the projects we undertake. Analysts will have a mixture of design skill and data analysis abilities. Analysts should have a strong interest in sustainable transportation principles and culture shift, and be ready to collect data in the field.

Analysts will be responsible for:
Collecting, Manipulating and analysing data.
Developing project-related communications materials.
Engaging members of the public.
Coordinating with other workers.
Using active and sustainable transportation when possible. (cycling, walking, skiing – a working bicycle, handcycle or related vehicle is an asset).

Analysts may be responsible for:
Conducting surveys.
Testing surveys for accessibility and user-friendliness,
Website content management.

The ideal candidate(s) will have:
Excellent communication skills, including social media skills.
Understanding of planning and engineering fields.
Good visual communications skills (Photography, Design).
High degree of organization.

Wage: $17/hr


Junior Analyst Job Description

Winnipeg Trails is seeking Junior Analysts/Surveyors to help us better understand, communicate, and disseminate the findings of the projects we undertake. Junior Analysts should have a strong interest in sustainable transportation principles and culture shift, and be ready to talk to the public and collect data in the field.

Junior Analysts will be responsible for:
Setting up and taking down the surveying site and equipment.
Engaging members of the public to complete intercept surveys.
Conducting active transportation traffic counts in vicinity of the survey site.
Collecting data on the quality of the built environment,
Keeping equipment in good working order.
Using active transportation to and from surveying sites when possible. (cycling, walking, skiing – a working bicycle, handcycle or related vehicle is an asset),.

The ideal candidate(s) will have:
Excellent communication skills, including social media skills.
Visual communications skills (Photography, Design).
A high degree of organization.
An interest in what Winnipeg Trails does, and a strong motivation to learn more.

Wage: $11.15/hr

The ideal candidate for this position is likely in, or has just completed High School.


Project Coordinator Job Description

Winnipeg Trails is seeking coordinators to run a diversity of projects in the fields of art, design, planning, research and communications. Our work revolved around developing sustainable transportation infrastructure and culture. Coordinators will work with the executive director, board, artists, designers, experts, regular staff and volunteers to ensure projects are carried on time and on budget.

Coordinators will be responsible for:
Project Management.
Working with artists and designers.
Engaging members of the public.
Working with the executive director to plan and implement projects.
Event planning.
Coordinating workers and volunteers.
Using active transportation to complete work activities when possible. (cycling, walking, skiing, wheelchair – a working bicycle, handcycle or related vehicle is an asset).

Coordinators may be responsible for:
Website content management.
Media relations.
Social media communications.
Working with planners and engineers.
Meetings with professionals and elected officials.
Strategic planning.

The ideal candidate(s) will have:
Excellent communication skills, including social media skills.
Financial skills.
Visual communications skills (Photography, Design) are an asset.
High degree of organization.

Wage: $20/hr



*We are always looking to hire great people and often have positions available that do not require that you meet the Canada Summer Jobs requirements. In fact, we could possible use your specialized skills and ideas. Write us a letter. Send us a resume. Tell what you can do and why you’d like to make a difference!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

A series of group guided walks exploring hidden places and beautiful instances of nature in our backyard. Come connect with the plants, animals, mushrooms and lichen that share our city.  Join us!

Starts on International Trails Day June 2nd and continues through the summer.

Come learn more, meet new people and practice for a big “BioWalk” (species count) being planned for a truly special International Trails Day in June of 2019.

We are lucky to welcome  experts and keen enthusiasts about urban issues, botany, ecology and more as your guides. But you do not need to be an expert or know much to participate. Come ask questions, interact and get involved.

All events and updates are posted to Facebook. Check in there or get at us on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #WalkOnTheWildSide. All walk should go ahead regardless of weather so dress appropriately. Snacks and drinks provided. All events are FREE.

Big thanks to support from the City of Winnipeg.

Lifestyle Research Program is Recruiting


The Manitoba Personalized Lifestyle Research (TMPLR) Program is looking to recruit 800
Manitobans for a study looking at how genetics, lifestyle and microbiota interact to
influence the development of chronic diseases.

For more information and contact details, please see below.

TMPLR - mobile research unit
TMPLR Mobile Research Unit

Anyone who is between 30-46 years of age and has lived in Manitoba for at least 5 years.

Participants come for 2 assessments (2 hours each on 2 consecutive days) at the
Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals at the University of Manitoba,
or to TMPLR’s mobile research unit. Remuneration is provided.
Assessments include:
• blood pressure
• body scan to measure lean mass, fat mass and bone density
• blood and urine samples for biomarker analysis
• stool sample for gut microbiome analysis
• DNA sample for genetic analysis
• physical activity test on an exercise bike
• activity monitor for one week to assess day-to-day physical activity & sleep
• questionnaires about current lifestyle and childhood experiences

The research team will provide participants with their information from the measurements
performed such as the body scan, blood pressure and strength test. Participants will also
be remunerated for their participation in the trial. Finally, we hope the information from
this study will benefit Manitobans in prevention of obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic
syndrome, cardiovascular disease and kidney diseases.

TMPLRtrial [AT] • t: 204 480.1042 / 204 298.5483
or visit