This route in the east quarter of old St Boniface is half on sidewalks and half on the Seine River Greenway. It is named in honour of famed author Gabrielle Roy who was born and raised in the rambling frame house at 375 Rue Deschambault. You can see the cute yellow house pictured to the right. Today, the house is a museum and visitors center. To be completely honest this trail is a

This evening I went to Little Mountain Park to walk the various trails and to place gems. It is a nice little park and I would recommend taking a trip there with your pet and maybe having a bonfire. To start the first thing you need to look out for is dog poop. It’s everywhere despite the copious signs telling people to pick up after their pet and the numerous garbage cans for

This evening I walked the Bunn’s Creek trail with my dad and my dog Sophie. I wanted to try this trail out because it was close to my area of town (transcona) and I had yet to p lot some Gems there. (Hint Hint new gems on Bunn’s Creek).  We started at the Malcana Park parking lot and went North on the trail heading towards the Red River. The trail

I started out by driving to the trail head near Beaudry park. There is some parking available, which is always nice for me. The trail sign is pictured to the right, as you can see there is some graffiti on it. This damage blocks the sign information and map which is unfortunate. The trail itself is on an abandoned CN railway bed that traverses the municipalities of Headingley and Cartier and

I finally made it down to the South Osborne Farmer’s market after some coaxing from a friend. I had put off going for weeks, and with only so much summer left I decided to be late to the party rather than sorry that I never showed up. As I made my way down Osborne, and under the Rapid Transit Corridor, I felt a sense of adrenaline that I think most

I decided to make the trip on bike from my home in Transcona to downtown Winnipeg. I am taking two different routes there and back to try two different travel options. Here is a small map of my route to the right. The red is the trip to downtown and the orange is the trip from downtown. I took Dugald road to mission on my way there and I went

This morning I had the pleasure of joining the Prairie Pathfinders Walking Club (website: on a 7.25 km walk through the riverview neighbourhood. We met at 10 am at the Riverview Community Center and followed the Churchill parkway and residential streets throughout the neighbourhood. The parkway was the only marked path, the rest of the course was created by the prairie pathfinders to include some interesting features of Winnipeg. We

This past week me and my boyfriend (now fiancé) took a trip to New York City. I thought this was a great opportunity to compare one cycling transit system to another. Because cabbing everywhere would be insanely expensive and less efficient, we decided to bike and subway instead. Subway trips were for longer distances and we used the bikes to get around in the neighbourhood we were staying in (The

Last Sunday, Dan (my trails analyst boyfriend – who is making me do this) and I biked to the forks from my parents’ suburban home (lame, I know). Usually we go north through Saint Boniface, but for the sake of a story, he dragged me on a longer route through Osborne I was unfamiliar with. First, we rode down John Bruce Road to a pedestrian bridge to cross the Seine.

Last week I journeyed to Bridgewater forest to walk some of the various different trail pieces that are located in this residential neighbourhood. My goals of walking so many trails are as follows, to hide gems, review the trail, and maybe walk kilometres off my incubating Pokemon Go eggs. (I am there anyway may as well have the app open right?) From walking so many trails I have discovered so