Communities in Motion – Get Your Complimentary Walking Club Kit

Walking in the most popular form of physical activity for Canadians. A walking club can help and encourage people to reach the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines recom-mended amount of 150 minutes of physical activity a motion

Manitoba in motion currently has a limited number of Walking Club Kits available. We would like to support Communi-ties in motion by offering them priority access to these kits. By organizing or expanding a walking club in your commu-nity, you will be promoting walking and the many health benefits obtained from walking.

Walking Club Kits include:

 Walking Clubs, A Step in the Right Direction Guide

 In motion Walking Workout, Walking Your Way to Health Guide

 Pedometers (up to 25)

 Walking, The Activity of a Lifetime Booklets

 Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines

 Manitoba in motion Physical Activity and Food Trackers

 Manitoba in motion erasable monthly calendar

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