Anders Swanson

Executive Director

Anders Swanson is a multi-disciplinary designer and sustainable transportation policy expert with a impactful history of implementation and innovation related to walking, cycling and all other forms of human mobility. His unique approach combines old fashioned community organizing with politics, a love of innovative technology with a profound curiosity about children’s mobility and data, a solid grounding in international best practices with a unique understanding of human activity in the winter and a penchant for combining science and the art of telling a story.

Anders leads the development of BikeWalkRoll and CounterPoint and is co-founder of the Plain Bicycle project. He started the Winter Bike to Work Day event which grew in an international annual phenomenon.

He currently chairs Canada’s national cycling advocacy organization (Canada Bikes) and is secretary of the international Winter Cycling Federation. At home, he is a founding board member of organizations like Bike Winnipeg and  The WRENCH.

He works as the Executive Director of the Winnipeg Trails Association. He is a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal and the Manitoba Eco Network individual of the year. 

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