At Bike Winnipeg, we have been working hard to educate the civic candidates on what they could do to make Winnipeg bike-friendly, and to make cycling one of the issues raised in the media and in meetings.

Many candidates are taking positive positions on cycling (see ), so there is hope for a more pro-active council after October 22, but in the last weeks of the campaign, we need to keep educating all the candidates what the city has to do to make cycling attractive to more Winnipeggers.

We are doing a flash-survey to ask six multiple-choice questions on cycling issues to Winnipeg cyclists, and to all the candidates for Mayor and Councillor in Winnipeg. Next week, we will compare the responses of cyclists to those of the candidates in their respective areas to further emphasize the importance of cycling issues in the civic election.

So far, 170 cyclists have taken two minutes to answer the six multiple choice questions.  We need LOTS more participation to make the results more interesting, and more credible when we show them to candidates and the media next week, so…

If you’ve already participated, thanks.  If you haven’t received an e-mail invitation from Bike Winnipeg to participate in this survey, that means we don’t have your current e-mail address on our newsletter list. Go here: to sign up and register your opinion in the survey.


And… to really help us make a difference…  Please send out a quick note to encourage all your Winnipeg cycling friends and contacts in your networks to do the survey by Wednesday.




[email protected]


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