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On June 30, 2011, the Provincial Active Transportation Advisory Group officially handed off their recommendations on how to improve active transportation (AT) in Manitoba to the Hon. Ron Lemieux, Minister of Local Government, and the Hon. Erin Selby, Minister of Advanced Education and Literacy.

Check out the Greater Strides document for details on the 25 recommendations that flesh out the following five objectives for AT in Manitoba:

1.Develop a provincial policy and co-ordinated approach to active transportation

2.Create a benchmark and set measurable targets to guide the development of a safe, sustainable and cohesive active transportation network

3.Build safe and connected active transportation networks

4.Explore opportunities to raise awareness and provide training and incentives to motivate Manitobans to choose safe active transportation options more often

5.Establish a platform for building a sustainable future for active transportation

The Provincial Active Transportation Advisory Group was formed as a condition under the Climate Change and Emissions Reduction Act. This act supports Beyond Kyoto, Manitoba’s action plan on climate change. This is the first report of its kind for Manitoba. The report provides recommendations on expanding active transportation options for all Manitobans.

” It was a privilege to work with the members of this group and to have the opportunity to contribute to Manitoba’s long-term vision for active transportation. The recommendations in this report provide a blueprint to help Manitoba benefit from the economic, social and environmental opportunities related to active transportation.” said Janice Lukes, Chair of the Provincial Active Transportation Advisory Group. “With a focused leadership and a meaningful commitment from the provincial government, we can experience the tremendous benefits associated with active transportation.”

J. Lukes remarks in handing off report can be read here

Through an Order in Council, and consultations with Ministers, the following people were appointed to the group:

Janice Lukes, Chair

Anders Swanson

Mark Cohoe

Terry Zdan

Pat Locken

Tim Deacon

Russell Wychreschuk

The full report Greater Strides:

Taking Action on Active Transportation can be found at:



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