Job Posting – Sustainable Transportation UX/UI Designer App Development Intern

You will be responsible for developing innovative mobile application tools, improving performance and reliability both exists and what you create, and preparing for a crowdsourcing campaign that will begin in the spring of 2021.


Specific Requirements

***Candidates must be under 30 and a post-secondary graduate to qualify. See full eligibility requirements here.

Job Description

Winnipeg Trails Association is seeking a Sustainable Transportation UX/UI App Development Intern. The successful incumbent will be coordinating with our designer and mobile development leader to design new features to existing platforms that help us measure transportation behaviour and ways that have never been done before.

You will be responsible for developing the UX component of new and innovative mobile application tools. Your goal will be to make the platform intuitive and engaging, professional but fun all in preparation for a crowdsourcing campaign that will begin in the spring of 2021. Knowledge and Skills include: UX research. A strong background in UX research and up-to-date with the latest best practices in user onboarding. Collaboration. Willingness to gel quickly, experiment and work as a team. Wireframing and UI prototyping. Pencil drawings and a clear vision and good communication skills are good enough for us. Familiarity with modern wire-framing software is a bonus. UX writing. Sometimes a zippy sentence says it all. Wrong written English is a definite plus. Visual communication. They say they worth like a hundred and 6 words or something.

We’ll be offering young design professionals the chance to get paid to apply/refine their designs and project management skills within the context of a real-world problem of societal significance. On a campaign that will produce sustainable transportation modal shift evidence useful for future generations in a growing field slated for major infrastructure investment at all levels of government in Canada.

Position Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

The successful candidate will be working on a new SSHRC-funded partnership with universities across Canada to develop a bicycle audit tool intended to measure the impacts of COVID-19 in under-served populations, especially women and people of colour. You will be building on the work done as part of our winning MaRS Healthy Communities Challenge finalist project and helping us take it to the next level. You will also be creating an innovative approach to measuring the GHG impacts of streets based on their usage and design.

You will be responsible for designing innovative mobile application tools, and preparing for a crowdsourcing campaign that will begin in the spring of 2021.

Key Skills and Attributes:

Analytical Skills – We have a big problem on our hands. We are way behind the automobile-focused city-planning world when it comes to data about how people on foot or a bicycle use their landscape, including who is using it, where they are using it and how. Your job is to help us implement innovative ways of collecting critical data, quickly.

Communication – You should be familiar with Slack and Trello for team communication and project management.

Creativity – This job involves not only design skills, but also an open mind.
Problem Solving. You will have to be able to recognize various design problems and understand how to resolve them.

Subject Matter Interest – You are a person who is interested in a better world, whether it’s riding a bike, fighting sexism or exposing structural racial inequities embedded in how we design our cities.

Educational Requirement:

No formal education required, however high school graduates with a passion for design, University Graduates wanting to establish themselves willing to learn even more in a dynamic environment are all encouraged to apply. This opportunity may also be welcomed by experienced industry professionals who are interested in Not-For-Profit work and need a break from the grind to do something special.

Winnipeg Trails value an inclusive workplace. We hire based on demonstrated skill, passion and efficiency. We do our utmost within our capacity to ensure that qualified applicants apply that reflect the larger community we live in and choose the best candidates from within the pool. We consider it our responsibility to enlarge the pool of applicants and create an environment where people do so. We do not discriminate base on age, ability, religion, culture, language, sex, ethnicity or sexual orientation. When making hiring decisions, we value commitment to our principles and willingness to learn and grow over education and work history. We pay a living wage and seek to contribute to the fulfillment of all staff and volunteers involved with Winnipeg Trails.

Contract length: 5 months

Expected start date: 2020-11-03

Job Types: Full-time, Internship

Salary: $20.00 per hour

***Candidates must be under 30 and a post-secondary  graduate to qualify. See full eligibility requirements here.



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