Welcome to School Loops!

A pile of signs showing various School Loops.

A fresh new idea from Winnipeg Trails, inspired by kids everywhere. Equal parts pure joy and serious response to transportation-related crises stemming from the pandemic, School Loops seeks to elevate human powered movement in neighbourhoods to the next level. 


Each loop is carefully mapped to connect a small group of schools together.  Each one is “branded” with an animal and a colour, which is easy for young people to follow. Each closed loop is great for Geography class adventures, outdoor leadership teams. Each one is ripe to be improved and will only get better. Parents are encouraged to use them to plan routes to school, setup meeting points for “bicycle school buses” are simply use them for reference points in the neighbourhood. 

Watch this great Instagram video on CBC that helps explain why this idea is timely and important. 

To learn more about the School Loops project, please visit SchoolLoops.org… or go outside and explore one near you!


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